About Vintage Patterns

About Vintage Patterns:

"Vintage", as defined here at Vintage Knits, means gently used.  Our patterns, books, leaflets and magazines are usually not new (though we sometimes get lucky and find "like new" items).  

What You Can Expect Regarding Condition:

  • Your item(s) should be complete unless otherwise specified in the catalog description.  There should be no missing pages and the cover should be included.  
  • There may be loose pages and/or loose covers.  We always select the best available item for your order.  
  • There may be "musty" odors.  Vintage patterns and books have often been stored in less than ideal conditions.  All items do get a good airing out here, but that "old book" odor is not always removable.  If you are sensitive to odors, please consider whether "vintage" patterns will affect  you in a negative way.  I cannot issue refunds for "odor problems"
  • There may be written notes and/or original owner's name written on the cover and/or on inside pages.
  • Hardback books may be missing the original dust jacket.
What To Do If You are Unhappy with Your Order:
  • Please let us know!  We're happy to exchange or refund if you find problems with your order.  We try hard to check each item for missing pages or other problems, but sometimes we goof.
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